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Standard Issue AIM-9:  This cute little fella just doesn't pack much of a punch.  What is worse, it is very easily out maneuvered and avoided.  If you are playing against a skilled player, they will be able to avoid this missile most of the time.  Even if they get hit with it, a good plane with decent armor will usually hardly get a dent in its health.  Having said all this, it is still the default that I use for campaigns and survivor mode, where it is good enough to use without wasting credits or coins on better missiles.  Special note:  Some of the very highly skilled players will use the lower grade weapons such as the sidewinder as a challenge to depend more on their flying skills and less on missile technology.  So, if you see a highly rated player with sidewinders, beware - he may still whoop your butt!

Closeup of a REAL AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile - Very similar to MSWM version

AIM-9 Fired from an F-18C - a formidable weapon in real life


AIM-54 Phoenix:  Damage +50%, Tracking +30%, Cost 250 credits.   Good to use if you value damage over tracking.  In general, I really like this missile and the next one (RAAM), basically because you don't have to pay coins for them.

Closeup of a real AIM-54 - Fairly different from MSWM version

AIM-54 being fired by F-14 Tomcat

AIM-120 RAAM:  Damage +30%, Tracking +50%, Cost 250 credits. This is my favorite "no cost" missile.  It has less damage than the Phoenix but better tracking.  I tend to value tracking above damage.  If you don't hit your opponent, it doesn't really matter what the damage rating is.  Better tracking ensures more successful missile intercepts both in long range shots and especially in close engagements where you only have a split second to shoot.

A real AIM-120 RAAM undergoing inspection - quite different from MSWM version
AIM-120 RAAM Fired from an F-16


MBDA Meteor:  Damage +100%, Tracking +60%, Cost 5 coins:   If I am going to buy missiles, I tend to be more a cheapskate and get the 5 coin missiles.  The Meteor is a formidable choice.  It is similar to the Phoenix as it values damage above tracking.

A Real MBDA Meteor - looks a little different than the game version

MBDA Meteor being fired

AIM-132 Lancer:  Damage +60%, Tracking +100%, Cost 5 coins:  This is my favorite "cost" missile.  At 5 coins, you get 150 of them.  They have the best tracking available and decent damage ratings.  Your adversaries will have a hell of a time escaping these.

A real AIM-132

AIM-132 Firing

Vympel R-27:  Damage +100%, Range +35%, Tracking +60%, Cost 10 coins.  This missile doesn't seem to be used by many players.  It has the same damage and tracking specs as the Meteor.  You're paying the extra 5 coins to get the extended range.   During long range engagements, that extra bit of range could give you the advantage, but doesn't seem to be a popular choice.

A real Vympel R-27 - MSWM has it fairly accurate

Vympel R-27 being fired

Bisnovat R-40:   Damage +100%, Tracking +100%, Speed +50%, Cost 10 coins.  I've been killed many times by these bastards.  They are the best missiles out there.  The great tracking along with the boost of speed make these very difficult to evade (not to mention the devastating damage).  They are lethal both at long range due to their speed and tracking and also great for close range split second shots.  I have been able to avoid these with agility class planes (Thresher) but it you are up against a weapons class plane that keeps hurling these things at you from long range, you will likely die.  Best strategy against the Bisnovats is to evade the first barrage and try to get into a close combat "circling" type match where you will have a better chance.  Unless, of course, you also have Bisnovats, then its just a slug fest.

A Real Bisnovat R-40 - looks fairly similar to MSWM version.
Sorry, couldn't find any picts of one firing


  1. I love my agility class planes (mako & thresher). However, I recently changed to the hawker because I cannot dodge bisnovats coming every second. I don't really like playing with the hawken because it feels like I'm cheating. There's no skill in shooting missiles rapidly. If anyone has figured out how to consistently dodge bisnovats I will go back to the mako and threasher immediately. Feel free to email me

    1. I agree, "cost" missiles (for sure bisnovats) should be banned to enable real level playing field fights.

    2. A: they were talking about planes, not missiles
      B: Cost missiles should stay because if people pay money, they should get perks. If I paid money for metal storm, but you paid a lot more, wouldn't you want to have better missiles?

    3. Correction:
      Raytheon AIM-9 sidewinder
      Raytheon-Hughes AIM-54 Pheonix
      Raytheon AIM-120 AMRAMM

  2. Hey MetalStorm: Forever
    Just my two cents... I think that you should add to the Sidewinder info that new pilots should still be wary if they see a high SR pilot in random (Vs Mode)using Sidewinders, even though they may not pack a great punch there are veteran pilots who use the sidewinder very very effectively even without missile spamming. :)

    [WarWolf] ThumperTwice

  3. Maybe the Phoenix and RAAM missiles had opposite pictures in real life.

  4. If anyone noticed, the Vympel R-27 is used on Mission 3, the missiles that the Dominous fires are Vympels.

  5. If they update an missile which kill the bison air to air (safety missiles) this game is at its best

  6. i wish there was a cheaper missile than the bisnovat that also did pretty good in versus modes and campaigns

    1. i would suggest lancers, i have 400 of them from winged serpents mission all you have to do is avoid the three padalin's missiles and then say hello to 15 lancers

    2. Easy go with the meteors

  7. If feeding against a plane with long range, go as fast as you can until ur missiles are locked on

  8. People who make the "If I want to pay for it I deserve to have it" argument about coin missiles: You are subscribing to fallacy. If I wanted to pay for cheats, would I deserve to have them? These coin missiles make the game much too unbalanced. I tried using the Meteors I won from mission 5 recently as an experiment, and found that being able to destroy any plane in fewer than six hits felt a lot like cheating. What's the point of trying to fight if your opponent can simply blow you away with a couple of near-unevadable shots? To those of you who fought me in versus mode while I was testing the Meteors, I salute you for not surrendering immediately and going off to find a fairer opponent. I cannot say with absolute conviction that I would have done the same.
    In conclusion, coin missiles only make the game less fun, and should be removed. The argument that coin missiles are deserved by coin buyers is an invalid one, but I imagine that Z2 will try to hide behind it to keep their revenues from unskilled credit-card warriors.

  9. By that logic shouldn't coin planes be banned too? I've beaten people who have more XP than me and have spent more on buying and upgrading a plane than I'd spend on missiles in a month. Buying missiles gives me a level playing field. Still have to manouver into a position to get the hits, not easy against agility planes. Coin missiles just make sure those hits count.
    All smacks of sour grapes to me!

    1. I used to think that upgrades were different because you just buy them once (and you can get enough coins from tapjoy), but then I played SGAS and thought a little more about it. I suppose you are right in part, that coin upgrades are not much different than coin missiles in terms of credit card warring, but it still stands that upgrades are cheaper than missiles in the longrun. What many of us are irked about are the people who get coin missiles, destroy anyone regardless of their skill, and then boast about it. I have, however, found the perfect solution: ditch MSWM and play SGAS, where skill actually matters.

  10. Aven the Raven PilotAugust 19, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    I still think Sidewinders can kick the shit out of you and become your worst enemy just by looking weak. Your opponent will take that judgement to their advantage, and start pounding you with these guys and make you blow up. And then while you're infuriated, he will be laughing at the complete shit of a judgement you made up.

  11. I tend to use the Vympel R-27 with my eagle-x because the lock range and the extra range on the Vympel equals a lethal match.

  12. hey wheres the new missile?

  13. the real bisnovat r-40 looks kind of like the AIM-120 RAAM

  14. i love them all