Monday, November 26, 2012

Dynasty Re-released

J-35 Dynasty
The Dynasty has arrived!   At +13% Agility, it is right up there with the Mako, although not as good as the Reaper.   However this thing has alot more cannon damage than the Reaper.   Not quite as fast as the Reaper but excellent overheat threshold. Overall, this plane looks cool but is not best in class in any category.  If I had to pick, I would still go with the Reaper, but the design of the Dynasty is definitely an eye pleaser!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

RA-M84 Titan Re-Released

RA-M84 Titan
RA-M84 Titan (Weapons), based on F105, costs 205 coins
Damage 13% - Below Red Widow, Ice Wolf & Warlock.
Armor 12% - 1st in class
Speed 14% - 1st in class
Missile Tracking 8% - BEST IN FLEET, tied with Liberty & Helix.

This is an interesting offering:  a boost of speed makes it  the fastest weapons class plane (although still much slower than an upgraded agility class plane).  A boost of armor that makes it the most armored weapons class plane.  Missile tracking also boosted to BEST IN FLEET.  Damage also decent (4th in fleet).

Overall a potent weapons class offering.    Lack of agility or missile reload speed is a weakness when fighting against agility class foes, but the armor, damage & missile tracking will come in useful if you are slugging it out in a long range missile battle.

This plane has also been added to the Comparison Guide  and also to the Fleet at a Glance - check it out!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Letter from Z2 CEO regarding Metalstorm Aces

Also, from what I've heard from Z2 in fan groups, they still plan to maintain MSWM.  It is not going to go away or be replaced.  My guess is that you will likely not see any more campaigns or major upgrades but will continue to see continued new planes of the week and maybe some minor upgrades (this is just my guess). 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cat is out of Bag


Exciting new development!  Thanks to several sources, you can see the scoop here on Z2's new game that is currently in beta testing.  METALSTORM ACES.  For some reason, Z2 has placed this game in the App Store in some zones (I can't see it yet but many can).  It is even being advertised in some of the pop-up coin videos in MSWM as you can see in the picts.  My first impression:  looks alot like SGAS, but is it just me or do the graphics look pretty basic - like early generation Nintendo?  The youtube videos might not represent the experience very well, so I will withhold judgement.  We will see!  Game is being tested in Canada and Netherlands right now but nowhere else (limited users).  I will post more info as I receive it!

Game Description from Z2

Video showing much of the game screenshots: (thanks w®x!)

A second video:

Click here for additional video

Hmmm, landscape look familiar?

Another screen shot

Campaign screen

Hanger shot
Here is the detailed performance table for one plane, the Harbinger.  You can get a flavor as to how the planes will be rated
Some players are actually getting a video popup on this new game (that is supposed to be in beta testing???)

Here is MS Aces showing up in a users app store (I still can't see it on mine)

Updated App was recently showing up just with the name "Aces"