Sunday, April 6, 2014

Are Metalstom games on the decline?

Below are current Metalstorm rankings on IOS as of 4/6/14. These can also be found here
  • Metalstorm Online was once one of the top games in the App store.  
  • MSO was once #18 for all IOS games for the iPAD and #36 for All Apps back in 2012
  • MSA had a strong start at #10 in All Apps when it launched.
Things have changed quite a bit though in the past year.

Currently MSO is ranked #57 in the Action Game category and MSA is ranked #105 in the Action Game category.   This is a far cry from where it once stood and represents a slow fade in popularity.  Also, as most already know, not only has MSA not overtaken MSO in the rankings, but MSA is much lower in ranking with little hope of overtaking MSO.

So has Z2Lives strategy of putting all of their emphasis on MSA paid off???   I would say no.   Its too bad that MSO has been left to languish even as it remains much higher ranked than MSA.

See data below.  I've also thrown in Sky Gamblers stats at the bottom for reference.