Thursday, June 27, 2013

UT-37 Vindicator

Critical Strike:  Best in class - although not the most important of boosts in my opinion
Damage:  Middle of the pack
Agility:  Near the top of the pack - very good agility although no speed boost hurts.
Damage Resistance:  Excellent numbers, especially for agility class.  Best in fleet for cannon and best in class for missile resistance. 

A very nice addition to the agility class but 1000 medals is pricey.

This plane has been added to the Comparison Guide  and also to the Fleet at a Glance - check it out!


  1. I have this plane, but not fully upgraded. I still need 1300+ medals.

  2. I have this plane too, almost upgraded! I need 600 more medals to
    fully upgrade it. Even when its not fully upgraded, it still does
    pretty good!

    Sky Stalker ~

  3. I have the thresher, did a lot of barrel rolls and split S's and was able to overwhelm the vindicator. Use the thresher's awesome speed to my advantage since he can't line up good cannon shots on my fast and agile thresher and I was able to defeat his meteor missiles.

  4. So you mean to say that the Vindicator DOES NOT, in fact, have a speed up or slow down option, like for say, the annhilator does?