Monday, February 6, 2012

Mission 3: The Rebel Fleet


Mission 3 starts with our favorite squadron still hunting for the Dominus.  Vargas (flying the RED WIDOW if you notice), Copperhead, and YOU catch up with the Dominus.  In this mission (as you can see in the dialog below) you find that the Dominus has not actually been captured but Captain Nyman of the Dominus has defected (gasp!). 


Phase 1:  Taking on Fighters & 2 destroyers:
First phase of this mission is to work your way thru a squadron of fighters and 2 destroyers.  You will find that this is the first mission where the opposing jets are actually a bit of competition.  They are able to evade your missiles and also can inflict some damage with their own missiles on you.  You will have to work a little harder than in Missions 1 & 2, but they should go down easy enough as long as you aren’t careless.  Once you knock them off, you will proceed to the more dramatic phase 2 of this mission.

Mission 3 will test your skill against ships

Taking him down in a blaze of glory

Phase 2 of Mission:  Confronting the Dominus & her escort fleet:
As we approach the Dominus, you will see that it is escorted by 4 destroyers.  You will have to do double duty in this phase.  You will have to take out the destroyers and in parallel, shoot down any ship-to-ship missiles that the Dominus lobs at your fleet

Missile Away!

Take down that bad boy

My strategy in this phase is to try and stay between my fleet and the Dominus while taking out the destroyers and not stray too far in amongst the Dominus fleet.  This gives a better chances of taking out the ship-to-ship missiles.   If you get too involved sinking the destroyers, it’s easy for you to miss one of the Dominus’ missiles.

This mission is the most ship intensive of all the missions and will definitely test your skills to take out destroyers.  Remember to aim for the center towers of the ships for quicker kills.
After you take out the destroyers, get ready for some drama.  Our beloved squadron commander Vargas requests parley with Nyman and proceeds to LAND on the Dominus (what are you thinking chick?).  Vargas takes her RED WIDOW to the deck of the Dominus.  The big boss, Admiral Durant then asks why we are stopping the attack.  Durant has no interest in “Parley”.

While Vargas is on the Dominus, she transmits the following final message:
"Copperhead, Come In, You are Not Going to believe this"

Vargas - what is it??  what is it that we are not going to believe??

and then...