Monday, April 29, 2013

The Stiletto - ready for a knife fight?

F-301 Stiletto

Reaper shown for comparison purposes

Just as we saw over the weekend thru our Saudi connection, like clockwork, we have a new plane on Monday - the F-301 Stiletto.  Lets take a look:

Agility:  BEST IN FLEET (tied with the Reaper).  What can you say but wow - this sucker will turn.
Critical Strike:  2nd best in class - nothing to get too excited about.
Energy:  BEST IN CLASS for agility, although still a far cry from weapons or defense class energy
Lock Speed:  First in class to have any boost in lock speed.

See PLANE COMPARISON TABLES for detailed assessment of all the planes performance ratings including the Stiletto.

For agility class planes, I value AGILITY the most, therefore the Stiletto vaults up to be at the top of the list along with the Reaper.  In my opinion, it comes down to which is better, this or the Reaper?  Reaper has more damage, armor and speed.  Is damage, armor and speed better than critical strike, energy and lock speed?   I think so (especially speed) and will stick with my opinion that the Reaper is the best agility plane out there but of course, lets hear your opinion!

Thanks to the reader input, this plane is based on the Su-37.  See some real-life picts of the SU-37 below:

Monday, April 15, 2013

LM-22 Ares re-released

A new agility class plane has been re-released modeled after The US Air Force X-29 experimental aircraft.

Missile Tracking 6%. Second in class to the Iron Fang

Agility 13%. Toward the middle of the agility pack. Reaper and Stilletto are tops at +15%

Energy 10%. Lower portion of the agility pack

Lock Speed 5%. First in class tied with Stilletto (no other agility class planes have this boost)

Overall impression is that this is a missile shooters plane. Good agility class stats with missile tracking and lock speed boosts will result in better missile hits. The energy boost is a good bonus also. Overall I like the stats and all the boosts are good ones. No speed boost, but you can't have it all and agility class is already plenty fast.

Real-life pict of an X-29

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Version 5.1 Released

Version 5.1 has been released.  Let hear how it performs for you.  Hopefully better than 5.0.

Of note - I've been getting about 20-30 spam comments per day so the commenting process has changed a little.  You can still comment anonymously, but you'll need to type in a word for verification.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Other options are that I moderate all comments (which can cause a significant delay in your comments getting posted, or I could end the use of anonymous comments which I would prefer not to do).
Well, it looks like somebody is still having too much fun adding spam comments to this blog, even with the word verification.  So, from now on, all comments will be moderated (which means that I will take a look at them and approve before they show up.  I'll try to do this 1-2 times per day so if your comment doesn't show up right away, it should at least show up before the end of the day.  I'm guessing that you all would rather proceed that way instead of reading 20-30 comments about porn websites or random jibberish added each day.