Thursday, June 27, 2013

MO-10 Condor

Missile Reload:  Best in class - but still quite a bit below weapons class
Damage:  Best in class - but again still quite a bit below weapons class damage
Missile Tracking:  Best in class
Armor Regeneration:  Whoa - at a total of 6+4=10% this is now 2nd in class - 2nd only to the green turtle.  Also looks like it will be a good missile shooter with good tracking/damage & reload speed.  This will probably be a new favorite for you defense class aficionados!

This plane has been added to the Comparison Guide  and also to the Fleet at a Glance - check it out!


  1. Sure it's a very good plane but it seems that the GE will be re-released in August, making the Condor a bit less attractive in my opinion.
    I would be curious to hear from folks who bought and upgraded it. How does it compare to Dragon and GE in survival.
    By the way I recently switched from weapon to Agility class and my current plane of choice is the Spectre. I'm really looking forward Zi2 to release a top Agility plane with extra armor regen.

    The Kid

    1. I have bought the plane as soon as i had saved enough. The plane regenerates really fast. It is really good for vs mode due to its missile options and regeneration. I am halfway on maxing it. Only drawback, (as with most defence planes) is the speed. I have more problems fighting against agility planes than weapons planes. The plane is totally worth it for survival mode. And as for the green eagle coming in August, that is just a rumor, but may very well happen (With probaly reduced stats).
      So if you like to fly like a white, Awesome looking, Very deadly turtle, GET THIS PLANE!

    2. I also have a maxed out dragon that is now my 2nd favorite defense plane)

    3. Thanks for your inpur about the condor. Please could you indicate what is your current SR?
      What is your best score / wave with Condor in survival?
      Do you have a Dragon for comparison in survival?
      I'm about 12k and usually reach wave 22 or 23 in survival (finishing alone usually) and my best score must be 24 or 25 (with a wingman).

      I disagree with you and others saying that the GE will have reduced stats. Are there robust facts to support this possibility?

      The Kid

    4. My skill rating is 1637 Lvl 24 and have completed all of the campaign missions with my condor. (I have not spent any money (real money) on metalstorm yet. I have reached wave 35 with another condor. The Dragon has a hard time giving damage out and also has 1% less difference in armor regen, which as a defence player, makes a huge difference. As for the green eagle, I am glad you are expressing your opinion
      M0-10 Condor Forever!

    5. Wave 35! Congrats! Thanks a lot for your input.
      I am not surprised to hear from you that the 1% difference in armor regen makes a big difference.
      I think I will see how it goes with the GE release and will purchase the Condor or the GE.
      If you want add me in Game center: GTheKid
      I would be glad to play with you in survival.


      The Kid

    6. MetalstormwingmanmanJune 30, 2013 at 3:00 PM

      I totally disagree. Dragon is a better plane for survival.

      Condor (fully upgraded): Wave 27

      Dragon (fully upgraded): Wave 43


      Condor (fully upgraded): Tie: 2/2

      Dragon (fully upgraded): Win: 5/2

      Campaign (how many respawns):

      Condor (7/8 upgraded): 4

      Dragon: (3/4 upgraded): 1

    7. MetalstormwingmanmanJune 30, 2013 at 3:01 PM

      SR: 32,820

      VS Won: 538
      VS Lost: 12

    8. If you notice the stats in the condor
      6% armor + 4% - A whole 1% better armor regen
      Missile tracking 6% Very useful. It's better to be damaging your opponent than to be a turtle.
      Missile reload 14%! This is better than a unupgraded Hawken. You will be fast at taking them down.
      Damage 10% This isn't as good as a weapons plane but still will hurt the computer.

      Now as for the dragon
      Armor regen 5% its good but is 1% less than the condor
      Agility 4% I don't know how useful this is for a defence plane but is still welcome.
      Armor 12% I loved this feature as a dragon owner you will be able to take a couple more hits with this little twist
      DMG resistance 8% very useful feature and helps when your taking damage.

      If your a aggressive player, like me, the condor will be PERFECT. If you like being a turtle, and letting your opponent just keep pounding you with missiles. Get the turtleagon. Thanks for your input wingman, I hope you enjoyed mine.

      M0-10 Condor Forever!

    9. I completed my last mission with my condor, 1st time. NO respawns.

    10. I have also Been playing since June 21st

    11. Tell you what MO-10 Condor Forever, maybe you are right. I got a better score with Condor than Dragon, but I still think Dragon is better for Survival because the extra armor and the DMG resistance-the sacrifice of missile reload/tracking and DMG is acceptable for Survival. Yes both planes are turtlish but Dragon with the little extra agility in Dragon is preferred because I like maneuvering.

      I got a blogger account but I am Metalstormwingman.

    12. I guess its a matter of preference. I use missiles ALOT in survival mode. I am the kind of person who is out and attacking. Yes the dmg resistance and armor plus that agility are good for survival mode but, at wave 18+ you will be having barrages of missiles coming at you and you will want to take alot of the planes down before that get a shot at you.

      So in the long run I guess it is a matter of preference. Thanks for your opinion wingman. I appreciate it.

      M0-10 Condor Forever.

    13. I have to admit though.... The Dragon beats all in terms of the paint job.
      Just a little support for the Dragon. After all, it was my #1 favorite plane (condor is now mine of course) Anyways....Condor.

  2. Would've loved to get this plane but, instead I bought the two new cool
    agility planes! The warlord mv-23 & the ut-37 vindicator! There both pretty

  3. Would you recommend that I get this, or the UT-37 Vindicator? They both seem pretty good, and I have finally saved up 1.5k medals!

  4. I would probably get the UT cause, It's cheaper and, It has good stats! But, thats my opinion. I have the UT and It does really good for me and, It's
    probably the one I fly the most also cause, It's really been a good plane for
    me and, I have nothing bad to say about it at all I mean, It's a good fighter and, I would totally recommend it! And I really never see many people in metalstorm flying it so, I think you should defenitly get the UT cause, I don't think many people know how good this plane really is! Well, I hope this helped with your decision.

    Sky Stalker ~

  5. Faced it several times in versus, and Dragons too. Each time I was flying my Iron Fang with Raams. The Condor appeared me much more fragile than the Dragon. Several times I made 2 kills, while I hardly did 1 kill against Dragon despite hiting them many times.


    1. I agree with you Olrik - the condor seems like an "egg shell" and easily blown out of the sky- sad. red dragon seems way more suitable for survival or even verses (if you DON'T play against a hacker!). condor's more of an campaign playing plane, in my honest opinion! so buy this plane, if only you like to play campaign- NOT verses or even survival- you'll be crushed!! in survival, i only made it to wave 18, playing solo, with co-op, i made it too wave 23 before i was killed... my co-op partner had a dragon, and was killed on wave 25!!

  6. this plane is really awesome!!!!!!!!