Friday, August 24, 2012

Draw your own pretty plane

Z2 has been running this contest for awhile, so I thought it would be worth a mention here as it wraps up Weds, Aug 29th.  Paint your own design on the aircraft below.

Link to Contest

Paint your design here

Below are a few clips from a quick google image search on "jet fighter paint" to get you thinking of the possibilities in case you enter:

SGAS showed this first but that doesn't make it any less cool

Maybe Z2 could get some sponsor income (instead of constantly trying to squeeze the players)

For you nature lovers out there

For the rainbow set

You can never have enough shark faced aircraft!

We've yet to see a chrome aircraft either - can your graphic engines handle that Z2? SGAS loves chrome aircraft ;-)


  1. Good pics and captions.

  2. next featured plane for next week!

    K-44 NOVA (weapon class)

    Dmg. +%12
    D resistance. +%10
    Mreload. +% 10
    Energy. +%12

    viper and NOva will be featured next week...
    sphynx only this week end!

    pics for nova will be later :)

  3. When will the Firefly be featured?

  4. i just spent over a minute looking at the following image after metalstorm wingman crashed in versus mode ( anyone else experienced this?

  5. Guys this new KD 90 is tempting me it's stats make it a good plane for versus it's 1% below the cyclops and sky demon in agility and is only 3% down in canon dmg and 4% down in missile dmg to the sky demon.but it's defense class so it has alot of energy and it's had +14% speed making it as fast as most weapons class planes.its a real bargain for 180 coins I've got 160 right now should I get it I need some review or something please reply. Note I already have two other def planes fully upgraded dragon and raven

    1. Oh janko florovic accept my friend request I'm Len won.or add me GC: {RCAF}Hellslayer

    2. If it had armor regen instead of damage or crit bonus it would've been an insta-buy from me. I think my Dragon is enough for now though. If I wanted a more manoeuverable plane I'd just use a different class plane, because Sphinx doesn't seem to have "tough" characteristics.

      It might be very good if you make use of its high energy and keep spamming manoeuvers though.