Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Real Cost of Upgrading your Plane in Version 5

Cost of a fully upgraded plane in version 4.2:
Total Cost = Cost of Plane + 13,900 credits + 162 coins
Lets assume that you earn the credits and buy all the coins:
Typical cost for a plane:  205 coins = $9.10
Cost to fully upgrade plane = 162 coins = $7.20
Total cost if you paid for it all in version 4.2= $16.30

Cost of a fully upgraded plane in version 5:
Total Cost = Cost of Plane + 13,900 credits + 2165 medals
Lets assume that you earn the credits and buy all the medals:
Typical cost for a plane:  205 coins = $9.10
Cost to fully upgrade plane = 2165 medals = ~500 coins = $22
Total cost if you paid for it all in version 5 = $31.10

Difference:  $14.80 increase = 91% increase

Talk about inflation

Yes, you can earn medals, just like you could earn coins, but any way that you look at this, its a fleecing.  My recommendation is to have one favorite fully upgraded plane in each class and just enjoy the game with those planes.  The concept of a "hangar" full of planes is great for Z2 but not so good for your wallet.  Lets hear your thoughts.


  1. hey guys this is by Cyclone, totally agree with your posting. I still using the old version of MSW and I will not upgrade it until necessary. In the future we will have to migrate all to the new version but I will keep it as long as I can...

  2. Medals were interesting, but you obviously get not enough medals to upgrade the plane fully. Even blue coins were easier to upgrade the planes.

  3. Typical Z2...they could at least include some vaseline.

  4. Can't we buy medals with blue coins?
    If so, then it's a waiting game.
    Horray for Tapjoy!! No, I am neither an employee of Tapjoy, nor stock owner.

  5. Z2live is a piece of shit, all they care about is MONEY!!! They're so imprudent not knowing that medals will reduce the number of players.

    1. Well if they can get more money from fewer players, then it's worth it to them. I think that they started by allowing players to get into the game for free, getting them addicted, and then raised the price. Any player not willing to pay to be competitive would give up and move on while the addicts would pay a premium to play.

      I myself have paid almost $10 and have a hanger full of planes that I got from free coin offers, but have since lost interest and won't be investing any more real money into this game.

    2. Totally, the worst game company is the ones that allow you to play for free, but charge you money slowly that you don't' know it; and try to ban "Hackers" so "players can have a better gaming experience." I've seen quite a few gaming company like this, Z2 is one big example. They start off easy for everyone, and then slowly get players to pay. I'm not saying the game is bad, but it just make me mad when they kept on saying "more bug fixed" and raise the in-game purchase price, instead of adding more things to the game. As for hacking, it is just a loop. The company increase price, people too lazy to pay, and they hack. There are sooo many other games, they didn't do anything about jail-break and hacking, yet made big money.

    3. MSWM was fun, but Z2 is just to sneaky, so decided to move on to other games like Sky Gambler series and Galaxy on Fire, way better graphics, and though some of the things require purchase, but any jail-break devices can use the in-game-purchase crack. And what did they do about it? Nothing. And look, they still made big money off the people who didn't jail-break. And look at GOF2, yes people have to pay a few bucks for the game, but they've been made App of the Week quite a few times and can be downloaded for free. Did MSWM ever made to App of the Week?

    4. Sporillium's GhostApril 2, 2013 at 7:27 PM

      GOF2 is so great that it almost doesn't deserve to be compared to metalstorm.

  6. I made to 27th wave us my full upgraded Dragon and when I finished, the new mission pop out: launch campaign mode and fly in mission 1. However, this pop out eat the bonus at least 35 medals. I was pissed off...

  7. This game and 99% of the players above SR~10000 are ridiculous!!!

    Cheaters!! After SR 4000 you are dumped into a universe of player with all SR. How can a stupid Annihilator be 3 x faster than a fully upgraded Hawken. I could hear the gun being fired non stop. How?

    Go F. yourself.

    Is it possible to reduce the SR below 4000 again so I don't have to play with this assholes?

    1. You are a n00b. You need to give yourself more time to figure what is cheating and what is skill.

    2. Watch youtube videos and learn techniques!

  8. I agree with you Lugg,
    it is sufficient to have one favorite fully upgraded plane in each class and just enjoy the game with those planes.

    The additional stats of the planes you choose should emphasize the strenghts of each class:
    Added agility and speed for agility class,
    added damage for weapons class,
    added armour and armour regeneration for defense class.

    From the permanent available planes, I would recommend
    Agility class: FA-119 Reaper
    Weapons class: F-51 Hawken or FA-230 Sentinel
    Defense class: F-105 Dragon

    My favourite is still the Hawken. It's well balanced stats make it the perfect multirole fighter which does fine in versus, campaign and survival mode.

    Stay away from the mediocre planes, it is not worth the money or time to upgrade one of those.

    1. Agreed, F-105 Dragon is a great plane for Survival Mode

  9. Best planes

    Weapon class : sky demon

    Agility : Saratoga

    Defense : green eagle

    All of which I've and fully upgraded.

    After using most class leading planes, I found them to be the best

  10. timekill9 (my game center )April 7, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Best credit and permanent is

    Weapons: Hawken

    Agility: Thresher but Marauder has bad ass looks. YEAH baby

    Defense: GE was possible for 2012 with the region glitch for 140,000 credits but now with the updates it's gone so DRAGON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Green Eagle was never available in the region glitch for 140,000 Credits. It is currently only accessible via hacking. You listened to the wrong rumours.

    2. Codevf6w3490787674April 25, 2013 at 12:47 PM

      dude, i bought it

  11. Can anyone even explain how the new medals are earned? Sometimes I get them for getting to any level above 10 in survival, other times not.
    This arbitrariness is a big mistake on Z2's part, as is the loss of the boosts, which made for much more dynamic versus match-ups.
    So far, the faster versus matchup times is the only good thing out of this new version.

  12. timekill9 (my game center )April 9, 2013 at 4:36 AM

    我不知道你说什么。这就是CHANCE。Now switching back to English。 The medals are by chance now, even for the missions (campaigns) are random. Z2 is just a bunch of FREEMIUM games. P.s. PLEASE don't friend me. I have 150 friends already. The anonymous above lol I wanted to say I usually did invite friend and play now. Mostly <1000 SR but a few pros. Five seconds was how long it took on the wait time. Now I'm 4500 SR and 500 games because I refuse to play against 50000 SR people.

  13. This sucks. It's annoying when companies don't care, they just want to make money. It's true though. They're in business to make money.

    Is there a way to earn medals in tapjoy? I went there and they only give blue coins.

  14. timekill9 (my game center )April 13, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    no, but u can trade coins for medals by clicking on the + icon next to the medals and trade 20 coins for 80 medals, etc

  15. Whiners.

    Even though the new math is somewhat conniving, Z2 can't exist by giving away their product. If you play enough and wait long enough you can get enough currency to get your planes for free. What complainers are really complaining about is denial of their instant gratification. Bottom line : If you don't want to buy anything, don't buy anything, but then don't cry if the game dissapears.

    PS I've spent about $20 bucks to get a couple of planes that I really liked and because I don't want the game to dissapear. My SR is 21,000 and I've NEVER used a blue coin missile.

  16. Lug, are you gonna upgrade the prices for medals? It has been changed recently. Would be better to see how much cost the planes now.

    By Cyclone