Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missile Parameters Corrected

Some of you may have noticed that the missile stats have changed in the recent update.  Below is a table that compares the old stats (that have been outdated for quite awhile) with the correct stats.  The column on the far left are the old stats that were visible in the game.  The middle column (from Z2 forum website) and the far right column show the correct parameters.  Green dots are placed next to values that have changed.

Thanks readers for straightening me out on these! (I was thinking that they had actually changed the missiles performance here)  Click on image below to enlarge.

Missile Stat Update (Click to Enlarge)
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  1. Y cant they make the Sidewinder more lethal!?

  2. Btw this is a great post, thank you. ;)

  3. They are not new stats. The stats have not changed at all. Just that the "Old stats" in the "store" are waaaaaaaaaaay too old, they are from original MSO times, and the stats on are the new ones. THe "new stats" are just reflecting the "stats" on their official site :)

    1. It took them that long? Wow.

    2. ...just like they never fixed the aiming cross for Mako.
      And I suspect Sparrow is just a quick modification of Mako and hence the same problem...