Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Version Release - 5.1.1

I haven't noticed anything different except for no lag in the few games that I've played so far.  See anything new? How is it working for you? 


  1. They always update it with this kind of thing. I rarely see a difference. But I now rarely play MS because I like Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy better. Thanks for introducing it to me!

  2. In the 5.1.0 if you didn't notice when your opponent fires a missile it started its journey from a very different place away from your opponent. Also I you notice it's easier to dodge missiles.

  3. Hello! Your blog is really helpfull, thanks a lot! I was wondering, I reached the score of 50.000 points for skill rating, what will happen when I go over it? Will I still be in the top 50 ranking in game center or wil I never be in it again?

    Before the start of a game I see sometimes players with a score above 50.000, but it looks they are not anymore visible in the (skill rating) rankins, am I wrong?

    A metalstorm fan

  4. Gutsiest didn't play MSO for 7 months since I had Wifi issues with IOS 6 but today I had done games and met 6 different guys... 2 of them used Marauder! Was it recently released or what?! It's meant to be the rarest plane on the game since oriole hack to get GE and dragon was released so many to es and wanted so much...

    1. Hey Janko, the Marauder is a half-featured plane - it's available for purchase at 68,000 Green Coins, and it is currently available to all players. In the Hangar, it's located under the Wraith. The F105 Dragon is also "half-featured" and available for purchase at 54,000 Green Coins.

  5. 60,000 + credit coins for the marauder

  6. Actually 68,000 credits (680 Blue coins)
    S-03 Marauder should be viewed as a trophy plane because its the most cool looking one and the most expensive plane in the game. Anyways I use it 95% of the time.
    +3 Critical Hit (Could be better but still I get many critical hits. My average is 3 missiles every 8 fired. Anyways if you double shoot one one can be a crit.)
    +12 Agility is ideal for me (I can't stand those planes with +15 agility it's hard to control.
    +8 Evasion (2nd best in Class Iron Fang on top but no agility bonus!!!! This means Marauder is the best evasive plane in the game)
    +8 Speed (Ehat I can't stand about Iron fang is that it's very fast but unagile and feels so unagile! That's why with Speed of +8 it feels like its +15 agility but very controllable because of your extreme evasion you don't need high speed for evading which means at close you are one if the slowest agility planes and at close range whoever is the slowest gets the advantage if bring in the inner circle for easy non lock shots ideal for my critical strike to kick in I'm very happy with +8 speed)

    My most favourite part about the plane is that it looks so cool and the skull represents death and the crossed missiles means weapons. All together it means "you mess with me then die"

  7. In going to upgrade my Apollo now! Guys do you jnowvthe old stats before release? Inact those are the real ones! Some hackers found out about it because they looked into the files of the Apollo so the stats show in the game they are WRONG. So e have fully upgraded it and prefer it over Mako!

    1. i bought the apollo when it came out thinking that someone had hacked the system to show low stats.
      please let us know how it performes...

  8. Thanks to Howard Liu, this is plane release for the next weeks, Lugg, you should post it in the home page.
    By Cyclone

    1.R-19 Aurora极光(武器)


    3.W-113 Rath 马蜂(敏捷)

    4. FA-87 Tigris土豚(武器)

    5.A-17 Paladin游侠(武器)

    6. J-35 Dynasty歼20(敏捷)

    7.FA-12 Liberty自由(武器)

    8.FA-88 Hurricane飓风(武器)

    9.K15 Mako马科(敏捷)
    [ 此贴被光辉在2013-05-20 17:25重新编辑 ]

    1. Mako is my next purchase.. Thanks to Tapjoy for the slow blue coin collecting.

    2. I'm wondering if the Yorktown, aka Saratogo/a, will be release this 4th of July..

  9. how about the spectre? When will it come out? i just got the rath yesterday.

  10. I'm just waiting for the new campaign.

  11. They continue to release the same planes, again and again... boring for me.
    When will they end up proposing something really new?
    To date, there is a bunch of good agility planes with relatively similar stats. They brought some novelty in the weapon class with the Sky Demon (my plane of choice currently), which is really different from other leaders in this class.
    The cost of an upgraded plane has grown up with the new medal system, so I will not spend my coins unless they release something really new. I would like a good defense play that would be competitive for vs, something like: + 18% speed + 15% agility +5% evasion and +10% stealth.
    And I do agree that a new campaign would be really great!


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    I quit Metalstorm but still visit this site.

  13. What's up with the MetalStorm: Aces below the hanger screen? I'm unable to load as it not available in iTunes.

  14. Codevf6w3490787674June 9, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    thx lug for this epic site i play mcpe though these days

  15. Metalstorm aces is still being BETA tested. It's not Pay to win. All missiles cost credits but take time to be built. The best one takes hours to build 50 of them. That's when you use insignias to speed up production. Upgrades use parts and credits but it takes time to upgrade your plane. Again you can use insignias to speed it up. You choose the upgrades you want with the stats you want! Anyways by accomplishing mission you loot way too much amino. I got 100 of best missiles doing an easy mission. The 2 worst missile takes 5 mins to build to get 50. Anyways the difference between best and worst is nearly unnoticeable. All planes in MSA cost credits... Some are unlocked by deafening an ace in mission As an award