Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upcoming Plane Preview (thanks Sean for the posting!)

Weapons Class
D-66 Hades

Energy +10%
Damage +12%
Speed +20%
Stealth +15%

Cost: 205 coins


BC-13 Apollo
Unknown class (Agility?)
Energy +10
Damage +6
Agility +12
Speed +9

Cost 30k credits

Both supposedly to be released on May 11th


  1. Thanks Wiggin Lip, Peter Nguyen from the Metalstorm Fan Club on FB, and 光辉 from 機甲世界, for providing and collecting the info. They are the true source of information.

    Thanks guys. 8)

    1. btw, the date of release seems to correspond to the anniversary of MSO.

  2. I wonder if the Apollo will be worth having since I already have a thresher...

  3. I think...
    Sky Demon or R-19 better than new D-66!
    P-79 kills new BC-13!

  4. Thanks for the posting, I will try them both and give my comments once release. The Blackbird looks great but it lacks of missile reload, will see how it performs....

    By Cyclone

  5. Right now.. I’m still sick of the stupid stats for Hades...
    I mean... +20% speed? You outta your mind, Z2??

  6. I want an Agility Class SR71 Blackbird.

  7. Another plane for Credits... Very good stats for 30K compared to the Marauder but I guess it's the Marauders design which gives it it's design. But to be honest I rather have evasion over dmg since I want to have better chances dodging those Bisnovats

  8. The Blue and Red outline of Apollo suggest it will be agility or Weapon class plane. I think it will be agility cause of those agility class like stats + the other plane is weapon class anyway

  9. This is a forum right? How come my Image didn't show up but still is in the [IMG]....[IMG] form?!

  10. Does anyone know if these planes will be a featured plane for a limited time or if they will be on the regular plane list.

  11. i received a screen for free planeto selebrate mso's 2 year anniv. is this true?

  12. Apollo 13 looks like a brown coloured Thresher. MetalStorm missed chance to surprise with a new jet e.g. the F-104 Starfighter.

  13. Hades the canon, or Hades the airplane?

    "I fly a Hades sporting the Hades."
    "Hades hits hard." (The canon or the jet?)

    Z2's lack of imagination to name new aircraft looks like a potential source for confusion.

  14. The only interresting feature of the two upcoming jets is the +20% topspeed of the Hades. But will it compensate e.g. a Hawkens added agility and missile reload? I doubt it.

  15. I feel like too much speed without agility worsens a planes ability to turn effectively.

  16. The anniv is true, and 09jflorovic, it has a red outline because it is a feature plane, not a weapons.

  17. The F-22 airframe seems to have been redesigned with more attention to detail. Way to go Z2! I haven't posted for a long time since I really don't have time to check out MSO anymore, but this awesome deal got me interested again.

  18. My bro and I got the APPOLLO for 1 green coin :)
    It is agility